A place where wine is simple, at hand, right and naturally good!

Wine is simple, because  you’ve to get intimate with it to know something. At Cantina Torino we tell you about wine in the same simple way we like to drink it!

Wine is at hand because it doesn’t have to make long a way to get to our Cantina. Piemonte is rich of good, and sometimes unknown, wines and food. What we serve you is Km0, like our suppliers: small family-run farms we found out and personally met in our countryside.

Wine is right because we think a good glass of wine is for everybody. Up to 20 different wines by the glass and a wine menu that changes regularly, because we like the idea of letting you taste something different every time. To discover them, came to visit us!

Wine is good, and we like to taste it with good food. We like to taste it enjoying; this is why we organize courses, wine-tasting events and concerts.

We like to open the doors of our Cantina, in the heart of Torino historic centre.

Here few good reasons to drink good, natural, handcrafted, local wine:

Because it’s wealthy and digestible

Because it’s good

Because it’s not true it’s too expensive