Wine bar with home made cooking. Our suppliers: Olive oil Az. Agr. Caprera – L’Aquila; Salami Alemano di Moncalvo (AT); Salami and cheese Beppe Crin di Ceres (TO); Goat cheese Fattoria della Capra Regina di Fubine (AL); Meat Macelleria Taricco di Robilante (CN); Grissini Grissinificio Feyles di Santena (TO); Bread Panetteria Cibrario di Torino

Enjoy a tasting! Here at Cantina Torino you have the opportunity to discover the great wines from our region, selected and told by our sommeliers.

Came to visit us and ask Cantina’s Sommeliers about our wine tasting experiences!

Just on reservation and for the whole table

Every week you may find up to 20 different types of wines by the glass, bulk wines and handcrafted beers from the region. We are wine bar with more than 200 wine labels, selected from the most typical areas of Piedmont. Sided by some “wine trips” in Italy and in the world.